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  • Nutrient Deficiencies During Weight Loss
    January always brings the regular New Year’s resolutions for weight loss; and with that increased exercise and decreased overall calorie intake, comes an increased and critical demand for nutrients. Eating healthy is important, but do you know how much food you would need to consume to get the proper amount of nutrition? Consult the graphic […]
  • Why Whey?
    Protein powders are a long-standing staple of any fitness enthusiasts’ pantry, and with the advent of new protein powder types, it’s time to consider if whey protein is right for you. What is Whey? Whey is a dairy protein that can be sourced from cow’s milk or during the cheese-manufacturing process. How is Whey different […]
  • Cleanse and Rejuvenate For Optimal Health
    From the end of October to the end of December, the average American gains 8-10 pounds. Well, it’s no surprise when we have three holidays focused around eating within a 90-day period, or make it four holidays if you count New Year’s too! Sure, making smart food choices is always going to be helpful. Yes, […]
  • Leave Boring Nutrition Behind
    Did you know 1 in 4 Americans eat the same type of food every single day? Even if that food is healthy, it could be making it more difficult for your body to shed extra pounds. Every food and macronutrient seems to provide unique benefits to the body. Anthropology shows that the “hunter and gatherer” […]
  • 5 Ways To Add a Little Extra Movement in Your Day
    Since we don’t plow the fields and milk the cows each day anymore, we have become a modern, industrialized society of sitting. Most of the population spends 10+ hours in the day just sitting, whether we are working in front of a computer, checking messages on our phone, eating meals with friends, or lounging in […]